winner of

The California Book Award


Josh Weil brings together stories selected from a decade of work in a new collection that explores themes of progress, the pursuit of knowledge, and humankind’s eternal attempt to decrease the darkness in the world. Beginning at the dawn of the past century, in the early days of electrification, and moving into an imagined future in which the world is lit day and night, each tale in The Age of Perpetual Light follows deeply felt characters through different eras in American history. Brilliantly hewn and piercingly observant, these are tales that speak to the all-too-human aspiration for advancement and the struggle of wounded hearts to find a salve, no matter what the cost.

“Brilliant….For their breadth, intensity and audacity of ambition, the stories of "The Age of Perpetual Light" situate themselves as natural heirs to such masterpieces as Denis Johnson's "Train Dreams" and James Joyce's "The Dead.””The New York Times Book Review

"A rich, often dazzling collection...Weil's stories are engrossing, persuasively detailed and written with a deep affection for the way language can, in masterful hands, convey us to marvelous new worlds.”

— Kirkus (Starred Review)

winner of

The Dayton Literary Peace Prize

The GrubStreet National Book Prize

The Library of Virginia’s Literary Award in Fiction


From celebrated storyteller Josh Weil comes an epic tragedy of brotherly love, a boldly original novel swathed in  all the magic of Russian folklore and set against the dystopian backdrop of an all too real alternate present.  Breathtakingly ambitious, this is a spellbinding vision, as stirring as it is profound.

“[A] fascinating debut novel…hauntingly beautiful…A fantastical vision inspired by bits and pieces of Russian language, history and culture. It is beautifully baffled by the mysterious Russian soul.”

— The New York Times Book Review

“Moving and sensitive…evokes the mythic feel of a contemporary classic. There's pathos and tension…breathtaking brilliance.  Weil's greatest gift to the reader: a deep understanding of family, personal loss and the abiding love between siblings.”

                — The Los Angeles Times

winner of

The Sue Kaufman First Fiction Award from The American Academy of Arts and Letters

The New Writers Award from The Great Lakes Colleges Association

A 5-Under-35 Award from The National Book Foundation


The three linked novellas that comprise Fulbright-winner Josh Weil’s debut  bring us into America’s remote and often unforgiving backcountry, and delicately open up the private worlds of three very different men as they confront love, loss, and their own personal demons.

“Gripping...Meticulous...Full of Tenderness and Looming Menace.” - The New York Times Book Review

“There is a magic and gentle beauty in this book that makes me remember why I had always wanted to be a writer.”

            – Tim O'Brien